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[Rules & App for Personal Lobbies]

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[Rules & App for Personal Lobbies]

Post by +Sovereign on Sun May 03, 2015 9:45 pm

Clan Lobby Requests

If you wish to have a personal clan lobby dedicated to your team you may post here.
CLAN LEADERS,please copy and paste then answer the following in your post:

1.) What is your clan's/ladder's name?
2.) What game(s) does your clan/ladder specialize in?
3.) Do you have at 5-10+ clan/ladder members registered on LGN?
4.) What platforms does your clan/ladder primarily play on?



1.) Clan lobbies must follow Lucid Gaming terms of service.
2.) Sysops will not moderate your lobby -- however, the clan leader will be expected to perform these duties instead.
3.) Clan Leaders CAN NOT add any person to their group who isn't a clan member.

Clan leaders will be given a token and a "Clan Leader" title. Also, basic moderator privileges will be given to Leaders for their Lobbies.


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